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Case Study

24/7TradesPeople is an online marketplace connecting homeowners to local tradespersons and vice versa. Their business model involves helping tradespeople post jobs online. Homeowners can access any kind of tradesperson and leave reviews for the cycle to continue. The jobs include anything from roofing to fitting, plumbing, and more.

The Problem Our Client Faced

24/7TradesPeople had a strong web presence, but a website alone wasn’t enough with their concept of 24/7 availability. After all, homeowners had work to attend to, and tradespeople couldn’t simply check into a computer during work. So, it was more of a problem to expand their reach via all means.

No App Presence
No Real-time Job Updates
Lack of Frictionless Job Postings
Poor User Experience
How We Handled the Issue

When 24/7TradesPeople approached HashOne Creatives, we quickly analyzed that the problem lied in the lack of an app. Our app development and design team sat together with the client and discussed the possible approach. Keeping in mind the diverse people who access 24/7TradesPeople, we decided a cross-platform app would work to tie the best of both – Android and iOS.

After that, we started with the design, keeping user experience in mind. We simplified the navigation and created an easy profile viewing option for homeowners to leave reviews. For job posters, we added the functionality of job profile creation and update, so they could attract customers accordingly.

The Results?

The app we developed for 24/7TradesPeople worked its way to fill the previous gaps in engagement. The downloads reached record limits within the first month of the launch, with users leaving glowing reviews on the Appstore. Additionally, HashOne Creatives’ designed app made it possible for job posters to update their profiles, read reviews, and get hired without breaking their workflow.

Homeowners loved the app, too, praising it for its easy accessibility and overall experience. And thus, we created a win-win solution for our client and their audience.


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