Animation Services

We Create Animations that Smash Records

Animated videos have taken the digital world by storm. We can help you get in control by portraying your brand, products, and services with powerful animations.

Animations are More than Optical Illusions

Humans are prone to finding life in everything. We harness that need with high-resolution animations, from 2D and 3D explainer videos to motion graphics and whiteboards. Simply innovative and inspirational, our animated videos serve as the means for your audience to discover the value your brand can deliver.

Animators Who Give Life to Your Brand Message

At HashOne Creatives, we believe you have to be at your audience’s level to understand what they want. And with animations being all the rage, we give your consumers reason enough to stick around.

2D Animations

2D animations are the perfect way to entice, excite, and drag your audience with simple but effective visuals.

3D Animations

Our 3D animations utilize the power of state-of-the-art technology that viewers adore.

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animations can even turn the most boring text into a compelling narration, unfolding a story that sinks in the viewer’s mind.

Motion Graphics

Our motion graphic videos combine the splash of sound, a dash of music, and a sprinkling of the best visuals – viola, your animated masterpiece is ready for the big reveal.

Industry Experience

We Shake Hands with All & Sundry – No Industry Too Big or Too Small

HashOne Creatives is all about empowering businesses to boost their presence. We do this by offering our knowledgeable expertise to clients, no matter the industry they belong to.

  • Food

    We’ve created thousands of animated videos for food-related brands. Ultimately, it has helped them reach a broad audience and portray their services effectively.

  • E-Commerce

    The e-commerce industry requires promotional videos more than ever, with the competition growing at lightspeed. Our videos have given clients the edge to claim their rightful place.

  • Beauty & Fashion

    Beauty and fashion are no different, with new products launched every day. HashOne Creatives ensures our client’s latest products reach audiences in an engaging and captivating manner.

  • Health

    Our animations have played a vital role in setting new trends in the health sector. From state-of-the-art medical equipment launch videos to explainers of health-related software, we’ve covered everything.

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Businesses Who Found their Space Online. Startups Who Established their Digital Ground. Brands with Aspiring Success Stories.

We Inspire Your Audience to Take Action

Almost 53% of viewers decide on a purchase after watching a video. We ensure your video ticks all the boxes with:

Easy Understanding

By using simple and industry-specific language and engaging visuals, we make your message heard while leaving an actionable impact.

Higher Ranking on Search Engines

The right content grabs attention instantly. In turn, search engines mark the video as valuable, helping you drive more traffic.

Extensive Sharing on Multiple Platforms

By delivering valuable information in the form of animated videos, your followers gain reason enough to share on multiple platforms. The result? New leads and traffic.

We’re on a First-Name Basis with Renowned Organizations


Ready to Ace the Competition with Engaging Animations?

Unmatched Technical Brilliance to Match Your Expectations

Creating product demos, explainers, brand introductory videos, or anything in between is nothing new for HashOne Creatives’ illustrators and animators. However, we regard each client as unique, putting forth our industry experience to present the best to the table.

Moreover, we possess a keen eye for detail and knowledge about the ever-evolving technologies and trends. As a result, we (and you) never compromise on quality while assuring our visually stimulating animations impact your business and audience positively.

Awards and Recognitions


Our Process of Creating Eye-Catchy, Attention-Grabbing Video

We have a value-driven, cost-efficient, and streamlined animation process that’s simple yet effective.


Material Collection

This includes discovering your brand, competitors, and audience’s pain points. We also require a filled form containing your ideas and vision.


Script Writing

The script includes the message you want to convey. For that, we have creative scriptwriters who can write compact yet concise scripts unique to your project.



Storyboarding is about graphically representing what the video will look like. Our illustrators unfold the scenes frame by frame, leaving a clear picture.



Detailing involves adding voice-over, sound effects, and music. All these create a compelling effect, hooking the audience right away.



Once we have all the ingredients ready, we put the pieces together to bring your animated video to life. After that, it only awaits your approval before the final launch.

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