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The Biz Sherpa

The Biz Sherpa works as the hub where business owners take valuable insights from multi-million dollars business owner and adviser Craig Willet. The website carries informative blogs, podcasts, and interviews of the 700+ small business clients Craig has helped.

Figuring Out the Problem

With an experience of more than 35 years, Craig Willet is a giant in the field of business advisory. But even experience requires awareness to come into effect. And that’s the first hurdle The Biz Sherpa faced. Though Craig had a customized logo, brand name, and the apparent recipe for getting recognition, an online presence was the crux his company lacked.

No Web Presence
No Brand Awareness
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Our Approach

When The Biz Sherpa contacted HashOne Creatives, they were neck-deep struggling with a web presence. Our winning strategy involved analyzing what business owners would look for in a website like our client’s. We quickly surmised a user-friendly website, both in design and development, would do the trick. For that, we utilized WordPress CMS.

We chose inviting brand colors and simple yet effective navigation to take visitors on a seamless site journey. Additionally, we compiled the blogs in one place and the podcasts and interviews in another for clarity and maximum retention.

The Sweet Success

Our efforts into making The Biz Sherpa visible didn’t go unnoticed. Soon, the website started attracting entrepreneurs who came, read, and became inspired to contact Craig directly. This happened through email subscriptions, which the users found helpful to keep themselves updated. The mobile responsiveness also worked its way to increase the number of followers who could visit the website from anywhere.


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