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Case Study
Champagne Bear

Champagne Bear is a Russian-based travel and touring agency that caters to corporate companies and individuals. The agency started as a local traveling company that aimed to expand its services to include global regions. The philosophy behind building the brand was to enrich people’s traveling experience by offering luxurious travel packages.

The Problem

A brand is known by the online presence it keeps. And it’s unthinkable to think of broadening the business horizon with a traditional approach.

When Champagne Bear reached out to HashOne Creatives, they faced multiple issues. Firstly, they did not have a website and were gaining limited clients via phone calls and word of mouth. This directly impacted sales and made it challenging to get the word beyond the local clients for the services Champagne Bear delivered.

No Online Presence
No Global Reach
Low Sales
Local Referrals
Our Solution

Our solution was simple yet straightforward. We started with building an interactive website design for our client. This involved choosing vibrant color palettes to make the website stand out. We selected a custom WordPress theme for an interactive digital experience for both our client and their audience. We also worked on the navigation and sub-navigation for a seamless UX. Additionally, we focused on mobile responsiveness, making it a no-brainer for users to navigate through the website given any medium.

The Final Picture

Even a minimalistic web design has its complexities. But not if the best brains work together to make it a reality. And that’s what we aimed for and achieved. Within six months, Champagne Bear crossed their competitors to reach corporate clients from all over the world. The difference between the traditional way of doing business and having a strong digital presence made itself visible. Our client embarked on a journey of attracting 3x more bookings every day. What’s more, the testimonials on the website did their part by attracting even more clients.
Now, with over a year after availing HashOne Creatives’ services, our client is operating steadily as a traveling agency trusted by the global audience.


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