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Case Study

Deelzat is an eCommerce mobile app on which customers can buy and sell used and new items. In addition to that, users can also find local promotional deals on it. Designed for the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, Deelzat has everything for everyone. By catering to both buyers and sellers, the app has created a unique identity in the market.

So, What Was Wrong?

When Deelzat approached HashOne Creatives, they had already designed the screens for the app. However, they weren’t satisfied with the results, as there was no consistency in the colors and fonts. Due to the lack of a catchy design and an unorganized app structure, Deelzat couldn’t attract customers, let alone retain them. Moreover, since they were targeting English and Arabic-speaking people simultaneously, it meant putting in twice the effort.

Boring App Screens
Poorly Coordinated Colors
Lack Of a Strong Brand Guideline
Multilingual Target Audience
That Sounds Bad. How’d You Guys Help?

Although we had designed and developed plenty of eCommerce apps, we hadn’t made one for the MENA region. So, this posed a significant challenge for us, but one that our technical team was able to tackle confidently. We spent a lot of time researching the MENA region first, including some of the top-performing eCommerce mobile apps. Next, we revamped Deelzat’s UI designs, making them appear simple but attractive. Finally, our team streamlined the app’s structure, so it was easier for buyers and sellers to achieve their specific goals.

Quite Impressive. What Were the Results?

If you’ve ever used an app, you know the easier it is to use, the better the experience. That’s precisely what happened with Deelzat. After removing the clutter from the previous designs, we made things much simpler for the app’s users. The five different screens we created worked like magic, as both buyers and sellers knew which pages to visit. Moreover, the addition of ‘New’ and ‘Used’ filters was something Deelzat’s customers greatly admired. With these two features, they didn’t have to waste their precious time by endlessly browsing. We kept the team in the loop throughout the process, and to say they were satisfied with the results would be putting it mildly.


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