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Expectant Advisory

Expectant Advisory is a strategic consulting firm with more than twenty years of experience. They offer plenty of services, from digital learning to fostering inclusive work cultures. With an experienced and knowledgeable team, Expectant Advisory has helped many organizations think outside the box. Consequently, after hiring their services, companies have reshaped the way they conduct business operations.

If people knew about the sheer talent that Expectant Advisory’s team possessed, they wouldn’t have thought twice before contacting them. Unfortunately, that was Expectant Advisory’s primary problem, along with several other issues. How could the clients have approached them if they didn’t know the platform existed in the first place? This was something HashOne Creatives greatly understood, which is why our team quickly identified the lacking areas.

The Problem

Irrelevant Content
Dull Color Coordination
Slow-Loading Website
No Point of Contact
HashOne Creatives to The Rescue

Strategic consulting is all about thinking very carefully before making your next move. The same goes for chess. Keeping this connection in mind, we decided to base Expectant Advisory’s entire website on chess. The moment you enter the website’s URL in your browser, you’ll be greeted by small fragments that come together to form ‘The Knight,’ an important piece of chess. It conveys Expectant Advisory’s message innovatively and creatively.

Moreover, HashOne Creatives knew that there was no point of contact on Expectant Advisory’s previous website. Hence, we created a detailed form through which clients could contact Expectant Advisory easily.

So, What Happened Next?

The results were astounding, so much so that clients belonging to various industries started approaching Expectant Advisory, one after the other. We reserved a place for Expectant Advisory’s team on the home page, highlighting their qualifications. As a result, people finally stopped sleeping on them and gave the members the recognition they deserved.

It’s funny how people, even in today’s digital era, don’t consider creating a website an integral part of their brand. But HashOne Creatives likes to think differently, and it’s evident from our out-of-the-box approach.


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