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The Festival of The Diaspora

The Festival of The Diaspora, abbreviated as FOTD, is a convener that curates topics for people belonging to diverse backgrounds. They bring leaders from 35 countries to encourage a collaborative effort.
In 2022, FOTD is set to host a large number of people in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. It’s an unprecedented and unique opportunity for leaders from all across the world to connect, teach, learn, and celebrate.

The objective behind FOTD was extraordinary. However, fantastic ideas need brilliant execution. And that’s something FOTD lacked. Without a proper online platform, they didn’t know how to spread the word about the business.

Before Approaching HashOne Creatives

No Online Platform
Lack Of Brand Awareness
Ambiguous Vision
Lack Of Interest in Prospects
Our Plan of Action

We were well aware of FOTD’s prevailing situation. Therefore, we decided to start things from scratch. First, we conducted in-depth meetings with their team to understand the goals and objectives of the business.
Then, we presented FOTD with a wide range of website designs. Finally, keeping FOTD’s specific requirements in mind, we developed a highly responsive website for them.

After Approaching HashOne Creatives

FOTD didn’t have to wait a long time to witness the outstanding results. It was clear that they lacked a professional touch, which is exactly what HashOne Creatives provided them with.

Apart from directing more traffic on their website, we also helped them sell tickets. In fact, the response was so overwhelming that the seats were reserved in a span of a few hours. Additionally, sponsors from all around the world stepped forward to support FOTD.


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