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Silk & Bubble

Silk & Bubble is a haircare brand that sells hair growth products. Although it caters to both women and men, the target audience centers around women. Silk & Bubble started with an altruistic mission – to deliver safe and effective hair products at an affordable price so people can fulfill their dreams of having silky smooth and long hair.

Despite a focused vision in mind, Silk & Bubble faced one challenge after another even after spending years in the industry. Although customers bought their products, the lack of a user-friendly e-commerce store quickly made them forget all about Silk & Bubble. This resulted in switching to other brands with our client going on the backfoot. That’s where we stepped in and identified the needle in the haystack.

Identifying the Problem

Next-to-None Brand Awareness
Haphazard Content Placement
Lack of an Attractive Web Design
Dangerously Low Sales
How We Dealt with It?

Silk & Bubble connected with HashOne Creatives after trying every marketing tactic they could – paid ads, campaigns, etc. But our expert eyes quickly spotted the problem laid in having a weak online presence. So, we cut down on everything else and designed a minimalistic web design while placing content where viewers’ eyes travel the most.

We also developed the site keeping the core web vitals in view. This involved making the site responsive with a quick loading speed to reduce bounce rates and increase customer retention.

And the Rest Was History…

Silk & Bubble saw a tremendous rise in all areas, which they couldn’t pinpoint earlier. The customers couldn’t have enough of their cruelty-free haircare products, and the orders just kept rolling in. So much so that our client had to put sold-out signs on some products. Now with a 100% customer retention rate, Silk & Bubble are way ahead of their competitors.

Incredible how a seemingly simple thing such as a website design can do wonders on a business, right? All it takes is reaching the right medium at the right time. For Silk & Bubble, it was HashOne Creatives.


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