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Case Study
SkyClimbers Window Cleaning

With over a decade of hands-on experience and thousands of satisfied customers, SkyClimbers Window Cleaning provides reliable and quality window cleaning services. Located in San Diego County, the company has built a stellar reputation as clean as the properties they work on. Be it high-rise apartments, luxury condos, banks, or museums – there isn’t a window cleaning job that the competent team cannot handle.

The Drawback

The SkyClimbers Window Cleaning team came fully prepared. We say this because, during our first meeting, they suggested a few keywords and asked us to work on them. Additionally, the company also had a website. What they didn’t have, however, was SEO optimization strategies. And, as has been proven time and again, without proper execution, even the world’s best ideas prove futile.

Non-Existent Google Presence
Less Keyword Visibility
No Proper Source of Traffic
Duplicated Meta Descriptions
The Explanation

The cleaning industry is quite competitive. You can’t expect customers to make calls or book your services until they see your company’s name in one of the top results on search engines. HashOne Creatives was well aware of the situation and, therefore, handled the problems one by one. From indexing SkyClimbers Window Cleaning website pages to fine-tuning meta titles, everything was managed in a meticulous manner.

The Conclusion

It can be challenging – impossible even, growing a service-based business. But HashOne Creatives firmly believes that you can achieve anything with the right mindset, hard work, and commitment. And by helping SkyClimbers Window Cleaning enhance their online presence, we proved precisely that.
Besides working on the keywords already provided to us, we suggested other relevant and high-ranking keywords. Upon getting approved by the team, we optimized them on various pages of the window cleaning company’s website.

As a result of our brilliant efforts and a can-do attitude, SkyClimbers Window Cleaning saw significant growth in traffic, that too within less than five months after they hired our services.


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