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Case Study

At first glance, Whapaso may seem like a traditional advertising agency. However, just like its unique name, there’s nothing ordinary about the brand. Instead of following a run-of-the-mill approach, they use culture-centric strategies to solve problems of other businesses. Whapaso has a diverse range of influencers and trendsetters who help enhance brand perception across multiple cultures and industries.

Identifying The Problems

Being a one-of-a-kind advertising agency wasn’t a walk in the park for Whapaso. After all, how can you possibly hope to attract customers if they don’t know what your brand does in the first place?

Whapaso’s team had all the pieces of the puzzle. What they didn’t have was the knowledge required to put them together. From conveying the brand’s complex core idea to the lack of attractive website design, everything felt like a hurdle.

Dull Brand Aesthetic
Poor Color Contrast
Irrelevant Content
Low-Quality Images
Implementing The Solutions

Soon after Whapaso approached us, we put our brilliant minds together to develop strategies for them. Upon mutual agreement, it was decided that we won’t be putting a dog and pony show to work on this project. Instead, we’ll follow a simple but impactful approach. So, we used minimal content and pictures to design the website, delivering a truly remarkable experience to the users.

Measuring The Results

The website may look simple, but there’s a lot that went into designing it. Fortunately, in the end, everything was worth it, as Whapaso soon witnessed a significant rise in website traffic just because of our designers’ approach. And that’s not all. 73% of the people who visited the website ended up hiring Whapaso’s services. In fact, the brand’s popularity grew so much that they started ‘The Diversity Line’ – a clothing line that focused on representing diversity through everyday objects. To maintain Whapaso’s winning streak, we also designed a ‘Blog’ page for the website, so visitors can keep themselves informed regarding the latest updates in the industry by reading insightful and well-written blogs.


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