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Case Study
Xtreme Nutrition

Xtreme Nutrition started as a physical store selling fitness products. However, in the quest of evolving with the digital age, their think tank decided to launch an e-commerce store. Driven to satisfy the desires of fitness freaks, Xtreme Nutrition makes it feasible for consumers to meet their fitness goals with affordable products.

The Challenges in The Way

Just when Xtreme Nutrition thought they had ticked all the boxes and were about to launch – reality kicked in. They understood the fact that there were more players in town. Despite having all the desired products and getting decent web traffic, the website wasn’t getting the expected sales. This is where HashOne Creatives joined the fray and decoded why they were facing these issues.

High Bounce Rate
Unattractive User Interface
Non-Responsive Design
Too Much Content
Our Response Strategy

In this time of uncertainty, Xtreme Nutrition reached out to us to deal with their complications. HashOne Creatives brought in the heavy artillery in terms of experience and skillset.

Firstly, our user interface designers developed a mock-up to understand the outcome. Once that was done, the website developers got into action with a user-friendly, high-performing website on the WordPress CMS. Furthermore, we used the required themes and plugins to ensure a personalized experience.

What Was It Worth?

Following a winning process, HashOne Creatives’ team delivered a website to meet the expectations of Xtreme Nutrition. We covered all the aspects to assist them in attracting their potential buyers.

Our efforts included making the interface more mobile-friendly. This made it easier for consumers to make the purchase, wherever they are. The bounce rate of the website decreased, which indicated that users showed interest in exploring their products.

All these user-friendly attributes also got picked up by the search engine. The website’s search engine ranking considerably increased, which meant more exposure to the relevant audience.


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